About Us

Who are we?

We are Roger and Vicky Barrett, partners in the real world as well as in our work. We build websites and bespoke web and local server based ahandson_150wpplications. You may already have visited our Home Page where you can see and read about some examples of the work we deliver.

If you’re looking for a friendly approach and a professional product at a reasonable price, please contact us to discuss your requirements, we’ll be happy to hear from you and we don’t charge for consultations. Don’t worry about location, we have Clients from Derbyshire in the north to Hampshire in the south and from Pembrokeshire in the West to Norfolk in the east. Current technology makes many types of communication very easy, and the occasional trip to make face-to-face contact is never seen as a waste of our time. If you’d like to know a bit more about who you would be working with first, please read on.

How did we come to be here?

paddington_150wSome years ago, having spent too long commuting from the Home Counties to jobs in the City of London, where Roger was Technical Consultant & Team Leader of a group of developers working for a well-known Stockbroking firm and Vicky was a Project Facilitator working for an equally well-known Investment Bank, we came to the conclusion that a slower pace of life was what we needed. We considered escaping to warmer climes but we were nowhere near retirement age and not ready to stop working, so we decided on Wales. Why? Many reasons, including childhood connections of Roger’s and the existence of the M4!

Anyway, we spent a summer scouring our favourite county – Pembrokeshire – found a house and, in October 2003, packed up the furniture, books, PCs, and other goods and chattels – not forgetting the moggies – and made the 220 mile journey to our new life. That’s a story in its own right, but more than you need to know!

croesu_150wThe first three months in our new home saw a constant stream of workmen installing replacement windows, building a new kitchen, laying carpets, etc, etc, and Roger was still working out his notice and so only here at weekends. Then, suddenly, it was Christmas and we found ourselves back in the real world and needing to make decisions about work and income. We certainly weren’t going to spend the rest of our lives cultivating an allotment, or running a B&B. So, why not use the same technical skills that had kept us employed in the City but working for ourselves?

Thus W-Squared came into being, providing business solutions from websites to fully bespoke applications all built with the same levels of technical skill, care, and attention to detail as we applied to our work in the City and at affordable prices.

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