Bespoke Applications

tape_150wHere at W-Squared we don’t believe in the “one size fits all” philosophy and we won’t try to shoehorn your website or application into a template that just isn’t suitable.

Our professional backgrounds and experience before starting up our business provided us with exactly the skillsets and tools which are required to reach a complete understanding of your objectives, and to work with you to turn your idea into a robust, secure application.

We won’t try to blind you with technobabble. Our job is to make sure that you understand and are able to fully participate in each of the stages that lead to the launch of your application, and that you are provided with any training, documentation or other support you might need.

Amongst others, we have built and implemented bespoke applications for:-

  • Recording and reporting on the progress of Criminal Records Board (CRB) Clearance Applications for Volunteers working with children and vulnerable adults
  • Managing the registration and voting processes for the annual People’s Book Prize
  • Managing membership records for clubs and associations

If you have a need for a bespoke application, whether you want it to be web-based or to run on a local server, just contact us. A consultation is in confidence and costs nothing, and you will find our quotations very competitive.

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