BLOG Styling and Templating

blog_150wIf you’re new to the BLOGosphere you will probably want to concentrate on what you want to say rather than on trying to figure out how to make your BLOG look the way you want it to. At W-Squared we offer BLOG Styling & Templating amongst our range of services and can style your BLOG for you, using your choice of colours, fonts etc. We can also give you advice about managing SPAM and answer some of the questions which commonly crop up for new BLOGgers.

If you already have a BLOG and you think you would like to extend it by setting up some static pages as well – maybe you want to set up some Galleries to upload your photos to, or you want to set up a Contact Me page, or some details about yourself – but you don’t feel quite comfortable going ahead on your own we can help you there too.

So, don’t get yourself bogged down in the details, just contact us for more information. We’ll be happy to hear from you and you’ll be able to get on with what is most important to you – getting your message across!

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