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wiki_cms_150wWhen making recommendations to our clients we have a choice between opting for a custom-built website or a Content Management System (CMS).

CMSs are powerful tools and come in various guises including Open Source (ie Free of Charge) and Proprietary solutions which come with a License Fee attached. CMSs also, in general, can be enhanced with a range of plugin components which provide additional functionality including, to name but a few, online shopping and payment, forums, customised searches, mass emailing and newsletters.

Each option has its own points for and against. As a general rule of thumb we would recommend that a CMS solution is most appropriate where either:

  • a user-friendly interface is required for non-technical staff who are going to be responsible for maintaining the website’s content, or
  • the website needs a database, and it is more cost-effective to use a CMS which comes with all the associated management capabilities already built in

On the downside, however, CMSs can be restrictive, particularly in terms of their dependence on templates, which can make them rather inflexible.

Here at W-Squared we offer various levels of service for CMS based projects, including:

  • We template and style the CMS to your requirements, set up the menu navigation and hand it over to you with empty pages into which you can put your own content
  • We template and style the CMS to your requirements, set up the menu navigation and input page content which you supply to us

In either case, you also have the option to take up our offer of hands-on training for the day-to-day tasks you will need to do and/or customised help documentation.

When recommending a way forward for your project we will always give you our honest assessment of what is the best solution (ie a custom-build or a CMS) for your particular requirements and budget.

Contact us to arrange an initial discussion about your project. It’s completely free of charge and commits you to nothing. If you like what you hear we’ll take it from there.

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