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People ask us..........

Can I see some examples of your work?

Yes. The carousel on our Home Page displays some examples of websites we have built and provides clickable links so that you can visit them. For reasons of confidentiality we are not able to show examples of the bespoke applications we have built, but we are happy to discuss your particular requirements on a no-obligation basis.

Is building websites the only service you offer?

No. We also build bespoke web-based or local server-based applications. For example, we built a local server-based application for a church diocesan office which needed to rationalise the process of recording the status of CRB clearance applications for volunteers working with vulnerable persons. We then went on to link the database we built for that application to a second one they requested which was for the purpose of recording the processing of any allegations and complaints they received.

What will it cost?

Yes, I know, bottom line what will it cost is what you really want to know, but the fact is that we can’t give you a firm quotation until we know exactly what it is that you need us to do. It’s not like buying advertising space – there is no such thing as a “price per page” – but a consultation is completely free of charge, so why not invest some of your time in talking to us? After an initial chat we can usually suggest how we would go about meeting your particular needs; often we can show you some possible solutions on our own testing sites, and give you at least a ballpark estimate which can be firmed up once we have agreed with you exactly what we are going to provide.

Why should I choose you?

  • Because we are the professionals, dedicated to delivering what our clients want, not to showing off how clever we are
  • Because we will never try to blind you with technobabble
  • Because we are very competitively priced
  • Because we deliver on time, to spec
  • Because we work with carefully selected design partners to deliver a seam-free, cohesive service

Do you only work for companies?

No. We work for individuals, companies, charities, and many other types of organisation. We have built websites, web-based applications, and local server based applications for as diverse a clientbase as artists, photographers, pubs, clubs, schools, hairdressers, chocolatiers, and church diocesan management offices.

Are you willing to work with Agents?

Yes, we work in partnership with a number of Designers including local professional Ian Moore and Brighton-based Tim Marrow. We leave them to handle the design and client liaison aspects of the projects they bring to us whilst we use our technical skills to build the functional areas of the sites they design. If you are a designer looking for a thoroughly professional development partner please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can I see work in progress on my project?

Yes. We actively encourage our clients to review the work we are doing as their projects progress. This allows us to get valuable feedback and iron out any little gremlins that might pop up, and most importantly to deliver the right results in the shortest timeframe.

Is every website built completely from scratch?

We look at each project individually and, once we understand your particular requirements and any budgetary constraints, we recommend the best solution for you. That might mean that we build your website from scratch, or it might mean that we recommend basing your website on an off-the-shelf package such as Joomla! or WordPress, styled to your requirements and using Plug-ins to provide, for example, Forms, or ECommerce facilities. This saves you money, shortens the waiting time for delivery of your website, and can – if you wish – enable you to do all of the day-to-day updating of your website’s content yourself.

Do you provide ongoing maintenance?

Yes. If you want to concentrate on running your business and leave us to make any changes that are needed to your website’s content we will be happy to help. You can read more about this on our Ongoing Maintenance page.

Where are you based?

We are based in Pembrokeshire, in West Wales, but don’t let that stop you from contacting us about your project – big or small. Our current UK clientbase stretches from Derbyshire in the north to Hampshire in the south and from Pembrokeshire in the west to Norfolk in the east, and we are also actively involved in developments for overseas clients in Asia and Micronesia.

Do you only work in Wales?

Absolutely not. Our current UK clientbase stretches from Derbyshire in the north to Hampshire in the south and from Pembrokeshire in the west to Norfolk in the east, and we are also actively involved in developments for overseas clients in Asia and Micronesia. Developments such as VOIP, desktop sharing, and shared online file storage facilities make it easy for us to work with you wherever you are based, and we have no objection at all to travelling to meet you face-to-face (although not in places like Asia and Micronesia!). Contact us for an initial discussion about your requirements and we’ll take it from there.

My website looks dated. Can you help me to freshen it up?

Yes. We understand and can help. A number of clients have come to us with websites which were built some time ago and we have been able to bring them up to date with more modern technologies.

Can you help me to set up a BLOG?

Yes, we can. We have worked with a number of clients who wanted either just a BLOG or a BLOG with a few static pages. We can style your BLOG to your particular requirements in terms of look and feel, colour scheme etc and – if you need them – provide you with some simple crib sheets which you can use as a reminder as to how to do the basic tasks.

Do you provide webhosting services?

No. We are happy to recommend a webhost for you, but we do not act as webhosts ourselves.

What’s your connection with wizzud.com?

Wizzud is Roger’s alter ego, and www.wizzud.com is where you will find sideline projects such as the immensely popular jqDock – a jQuery plugin that transforms images into a Mac-like Dock menu.

What’s your connection with Woojumâ„¢?

Woojumâ„¢ is an application we developed in partnership with our long-term friend, David Vane. It is where you record Your Place in History by writing about Events in your life – and uploading images and clips – which are then displayed in a Timeline next to Events in world history which happened at the same time. You can try it out completely free of charge at www.woojum.com.

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