Ongoing Maintenance

headset_150wSome of our clients are quite happy to take on the day-to-day updating of their website’s content themselves, and this is fine. Others, though, just don’t have the time, the inclination, and/or the necessary human resources. Even if your website is CMS based you may have such an infrequent need to make updates that you simply forget how to go about it and find that you need to re-learn the process each time you need to make changes.

Here at W-Squared we are happy to provide ongoing maintenance services on a choice of arrangements. All you need to do is send us your new or revised content and we will make and launch the changes you request.

You can choose from:


We will agree a fixed fee annual Retainer for support and maintenance, payable quarterly in advance. We will review the amount of the Retainer at the end of each year.

On the Clock

We will provide support and maintenance at a fixed hourly rate and invoice you, quarterly in arrears, for the number of hours we have spent working on your website.

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