teamviewer_150wOur Quotations for CMS Websites and Bespoke Applications always include a fixed amount of hands-on training and familiarisation. They also tell you the hourly rate at which we will charge you if you require us to provide any further training over and above what we have quoted.

Training can be provided on your premises, of course, but proprietary applications such as TeamViewer and Skype make it very easy for us to provide your training at a time that suits you without even leaving our office. Thus, free from worries about the weather, traffic jams etc, we can make better use of the time available by being more flexible about when, and how long, your training sessions will be.

A common problem we used to encounter was that clients would take up their training and familiarisation as soon as their CMS Website or Bespoke Application was delivered – after all, it’s easy to assume that the two go hand-in-hand. In reality, what can easily happen is that by the time you need to do some “real” work you have either forgotten what you need to do or lost your confidence. What we have found with experience is that it is far better to wait until you have some “real” work to do and take your training then. We encourage this approach – what people learn seems to sink in far more effectively this way.

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